In-person ballet classes
GDINE Studios (Grupo Desportivo do Instituto Nacional de Estatística)
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Movement and Rhythm (Pre-Ballet)

Introduction to Classical Dance Technique (Pre-Elementary)

Classical Dance Technique (Elementary)

Classical Dance Technique (Intermediate)

Ballet for Adults


As a member of the CNB she had the opportunity of working with teachers, choreographers and repetiteurs such as John Auld, Patricia Neary, Francesca Zumbo, Hans Brenna, Laura Glenn, Millicent Hodson, Howard Sayette, Erik Volodin, Maya Volodin, Vladimir Petrunin, Lynn Wallis, Brydon Page, Georges Garcia, Anna Markard, Olga Roriz, Michael Corder, Oscar Araiz, Ted Brandsen, Alexandre Proia, David Fielding, Fernando Duarte, Yannik Bouquin, Mehmet Balkan, Jane Bourne, Christine Camille, Sylviane Bayard, Ivan Kramer, Irena Milovan, among many others.

At the National Ballet Company she also took part in educational projects such as dance workshops and was on the creative team that staged a ballet to be performed in schools, A Fada Oriana(2015/16); she also danced in ballets created for younger audiences: 1HD, Uma História da Dança by Bruno Cochat, Dos Animais by Sónia Baptista, Contos do Abstracto by São Castro and António Cabrita and Príncipes, Heroínas, Amores impossíveis e Outras Assombrações by Catarina Câmara. In 2017 she danced and co-created a ballet for children, Kamiyo do Rio, which was included in the Concerts for Families programme, directed by Duncan Fox, performed at the Great Hall of the National Theatre of São Carlos.

After a long career on the stage she is now dedicated to teaching and studying Ballet as well as pursuing her interest in artistic education.

Catarina Lourenço

Is the Dance department director and ballet teacher at the Carlota Franco-Dance and Music school.

She began Ballet studies with teachers Neilma Williams and Ana Mangericão, and continued her training at the professional school of the National Ballet of Portugal (CNB) from 1980-85 with teachers Paula Gareya, Barbara Gray and Violette Quenolle. During her studies at this school she also worked with teachers Tony Hulbert, Daniel Sellier, Michel Renault and Lynn Wallis, among others.

In 1985 she became a member of the National Ballet Company’s Corps-de-Ballet, under the artistic direction of Armando Jorge, and in 1989 was promoted to coryphée, having remained with the Company until 2020.

Repertory danced with the Company includes: Giselle (G.Garcia), La Sylphide and Napoli (A.Bournonville), La Fille Mal Gardée (G.Garcia), Swan Lake (versions by Armando Jorge, Mehmet Balkan and Fernando Duarte), Coppélia (J.Auld), The Nutcracker (A.Jorge), The Sleeping Beauty (T.Brandsen), La Bayadère (Petipa), Don Quixote (A.Gorsky), Paquita (Petipa), Raymonda (Petipa), Romeo and Juliet ( J. Cranko), Les Sylphides (M.Fokine), Theme and Variations (G.Balanchine), The Lady of the Camellias (M. Balkan), Concerto Barroco (G.Balanchine), The Four Temperaments (G.Balanchine), Apollo (G.Balanchine), Serenade (G.Balanchine), Green Table (K.Jooss), Carmina Burana (A.Jorge), The Rite of Spring (V.Nijinsky/M.Hodson), Petrushka (M.Fokine), The Firebird (B.Page), Concerto (K.Macmillan) Choreographic Offering (J.Limón), Les Noces (B.Nijinska), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (A.Jorge), Cinderella (M.Corder), Variações Nostálgicas (A.Jorge), A Severa (F. Lima), Seascape (J.Marcuse), Preludes (O.Araiz), Double Colchea (V.Nebrada), Cantoluso (R.L.Graça/D.Fielding), The Trojan Women (O.Roriz), Suite en Blanc (S.Lifar), Perda Preciosa (R.L.Graça/A.Teodósio), Du Don de Soi (P.Ribeiro), S (Tânia Carvalho), Nós Como Futuro (D.Gorjão).

Carlota Franco

Born in Faro, Portugal on 11/16/1943

– Frequency of the School of Ballet of the National Theater of S. Carlos. Lisbon
– Dancer of the Portuguese Ballet Company, founded in 1961
– Participation as a student in the ballets of the Operas of the same Theater.
– Teacher's Student, among others, Luna Andermat; Vera Varela Cid; Daniel Seillier; Madame Violette Quenolle; Tomás Ribas – History of Dance; Dr. Prista Monteiro – Anatomy applied to Dance; Special course for dancers by master William Dollar.
– Participates in public shows and ballet programs on Radiotelevisão Portuguesa.

– Pedagogical experience in pre-primary and primary education, as a Child Educator.
– Admitted to the National Conservatory’s Art Education Course and attended it for two years.
– Frequency of Courses for Teachers:
-Promoted by the Gulbenkian Foundation governed by Professor René Bom and other courses in Musical Initiation and Creative Dance.
-At the National Conservatory of Lisbon: Modern and Classical Dance Courses
governed by Professor Irina Compton; Julia Cross respectively and Curso
Dalcroze Method with Margarida de Abreu.

-From 1964 until the official retirement in 2019, she has always taught classical dance as a part-time teacher at Colégio Sagrado Coração de Maria in Lisbon.
Alongside this, during the first years of activity, she worked:
– In Lisbon, at Colégio Sagrado Coração de Jesus, where she was also a Child Educator,
Children's Home, Cesário Verde, Doroteias, Bom Sucesso;
– In Beja at Colégio do Coração de Jesus.

– After the Public Examinations for the qualification of Ballet Teachers at the National Conservatory of Lisbon, she began her studies with Anna Mascolo, as a Trainee Teacher at Anna Mascolo's Studio-School of Classical Dance in Lisbon.

– Assistant Teacher and Teacher of Kindergarten and Preparatory Classes

– Assistant Teacher at Anna Mascolo School of all levels.

– As Professor/Assistant at the Anna Mascolo School, he collaborates and participates in shows, exhibitions, programs to promote Dance in theaters and on television.
– Accompanies Professor Anna Mascolo in the presentation of the students of her School, in international competitions (Paris and Varna).

– Participation at the invitation of the Bulgarian Embassy for the International Scientific Symposium with a work on the theme: “Importance of Dance in Child Education and Global Development”
– Founding Member of the Portuguese Dance Council, initial-CPDD-of CID-UNESCO, at the invitation of the President, Professor Anna Mascolo.
– Collaboration in the Dance Study Plan presented to the Ministry of Education at the request of this entity.

– Jury member in the “Young people and Dance” competition of the Secretary of State for Culture.
– Member of the Academia de Dança Antiga de Lisboa, , follows the classes of Prof. Vicente Trindade- and Cecília Grácio Moura

– Music course for ballet teachers directed by pianist Mercedes Cabanach.
– Ballet Courses of the Vaganova Methodology of Saint Petersburg, which he attends from the 1st to the 6th grade. under the guidance of Prof. Pedro Carneiro who presents and develops innovative and effective strategies in the teaching and training of classical dance.

– In line with the work at Anna Mascolo’s Studio-Escola and throughout her career as a teacher, she had the opportunity to sketch, outline and develop her Pedagogical Orientation, synthesized in 1999, completed and revised in 2016.

– Creation of the Escola Carlota Franco-Dança e Música together with her husband and children.

October 2019

Carlota Franco

She is a member of the Portuguese Dance Association and the International Dance Council.