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Artistic Direction

Mário Franco

Our school

This school of ours with my name is the reflection of projects, experiences and memories as a kindergarten teacher and Classical Dance teacher.

I continue a family tradition of teachers and my entire family is linked to the arts, especially Dance and Music.

My daughter Susana is a pianist and teacher; my son Mário, principal dancer at the National Ballet Company, is also a professional musician; my daughter-in-law Catarina, a former CNB dancer, is now dedicated to teaching. As for the grandchildren, Canto and Piano are areas that dominate. Gabriel, my husband, despite not being in the artistic field, has always given great support to the family in their professional choices.

We always talked among ourselves about the possibility of forming a school where students would feel that their learning in the artistic areas was as valid as in any other academic area; a school that would allow, at any age, to develop skills and pursue an artistic activity alongside other arts.
As a teacher, I noticed that many young students were withdrawing from certain favorite school activities, based on the preconceived idea that when they went into less valued areas, they would not have a way of subsistence in the future. Years later, in conversation, they confessed to me that they were sorry for not having continued, for example, their singing, piano or dance lessons.
For others, however, fortunately, the fact that they had the freedom of choice was decisive in their artistic development and in their lives.
I observed during my children's formative years that the importance given to the articulation between Music and Dance was fundamental for their professions.

Musical culture, knowledge of theory and auditory training enrich the study of dance just as physical work on movement, rhythm and dynamics enrich those who study music.

We want to give our students the possibility, whether through vocational or recreational purposes, to initiate, maintain and continue at any stage of their lives, the connection with Dance and Music.

I believe that young people involved in artistic education will be more creative, fulfilled and happy people.

When I retired and my daughter Susana returned from the United States, after completing her PhD in Piano Performance and Pedagogy, it seemed to me that the time was right to take this family enterprise forward.

Thus, the school Carlota Franco-Dança e Música was born. We are here to share with you all our knowledge, experience and passion.


The Mission of the Carlota Franco-Dança e Música school is to provide quality education in the areas of dance and music for all ages, using face-to-face and distance learning. Through an interdisciplinary approach and dialogue with the other arts, we believe that we contribute to a more creative, sensitive society adapted to the challenges of the future.

Vision and Values

Our Values
Dedication and consistent work to achieve goals Freedom to develop creativity and critical thinking Respect for the diversity and individuality of each person.
Our Vision for the future of the school is to create an inclusive space for teaching dance and music, open to everyone who shares our passion for the arts, where the interactive artistic experience is the main focus.